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AURAGRAPH is an experimental audio/visual synthesizer based recording project by Texas born Hector Carlos Ramirez. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Carlos played in several bands within the punk scene in Laredo, Texas before a move to Austin, Texas prompted his fascination with synthesizers, samplers, and visual art. AURAGRAPH was established in 2018 after years of producing electronic music under several different project names. Many of AURAGRAPH’s songs come to life in Carlos’ own studio, recording his ideas by patching in various synths with brut analog drum sounds. The project delivers a blend of minimalism, ambient, and lo-fi synthesis with upbeat drum patterns recalling the framework for genres like House and early Techno.

Carlos has Score Mix Engineered and composed for notable shows including Netflix’s Stranger Things and National Geographic’s Valley of The Boom collaborating with composers Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein of the band S U R V I V E. The project has seen releases on 100% Electronica, figurehead independent vaporwave label curated by George Clanton and Neggy Gemmy as well as 猫 シ Corp. ’s own Hiraeth Records.