Planning for Burial

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Casting Planning For Burial into a singular genre would be a disservice to the project’s kaleidoscopic, introverted compositions. Thom Wasluck fearlessly treads through slowcore, shoegaze, doom, ‘90s alt rock and drone landscapes to craft narratives that address themes like nostalgia, addiction, and suburban ennui. 2017’s Below The House (The Flenser), a selection of flesh-and-bone tracks recorded in Wasluck’s childhood bedroom in the mountains of Pennsylvania, was a triumph in this sonic storytelling.

Since the beginning of his prolific career, Planning For Burial has continued to push the limitations of solo endeavors, constantly defying boundaries and genre. A true titan of craft, Thom Wasluck serves as his own producer and has toured extensively as a one-man band, leading him to sharing stages with the likes of Deafheaven, King Woman and Chelsea Wolfe. Unafraid of staggering volume and emotional intimacy, Planning For Burial’s passion and grace make for a captivating live show that is not to be missed.